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New to CSA?

Is CSA Right For You?

If you’re not sure about how the CSA model can fit into your life there are a few things I’d like to address before you dive deep into how our family approaches CSA that may inform you as to wether making the decision to jump into the CSA model is right for you. We want your experience to be a success. The following describes how our sucessful CSA members view their experience.


Our CSA members are eager to invest in our family's livelihood in the the community by providing their financial support early in the year. They care as much about their relationship to us as they do with our product. They appreciate that we connect with them on a weekly basis at our delivery sites, and that we know them by name. They value the fact that every week we look them in the eye and welcome the questions and conversations they bring to each weeks unboxing. 


Our CSA members consistently comment that our produce tastes better than what they get at the grocery store - and it should. Some of our new members comment that they never knew that a carrot could taste like that, or that salad could be eaten without dressing. They appreciate the care we take in selecting our seed, feeding our soil, harvesting weekly, and delivering within a day of harvest. If you are like us and LOVE TO EAT then you know that preparing and serving great food for your family starts with the best of ingredients, just like my grandma served to my family.


Our CSA members are up to the challenge of trying new vegetable cultivars weekly, and are engaged by the superior flavor our produce imparts to their weekly kitchen creativity. They also appreciate and look forward to the weekly surprise each box contains. Many of our customers said they were challenged and surprised by vegetables that they would normally pass by in the produce aisle at the grocery, and weren't looking forward to going back to eating from the store after the last delivery. If you have rigid parameters in what your menu looks like each week, don’t like to cook, or aren’t willing to try new things, you’d be better off purchasing from our online store, or our farm-stand. 


The most important factor for anyone considering joining a CSA program is that it’s not for everyone. It represents a markedly different way of eating than the paradigm our society has become accustomed to. Because contemporary society has been geared toward mass-produced, cheap, readily available, one-stop shopping - it has only taken two generations to lose the knowledge of how to feed ourselves. Wether it be how to grow our own food, eat healthfully, fresh - in season foods, or prepare and store the harvest in preparation for winter. 

Make no mistake, the simple loss of that knowledge passed down from generation to generation takes a few seasons to overcome. In other words there is a definite learning curve for members new to CSA eating that takes time and intention to fully master. We make every effort to make that transition palatable. Not only do our members have access to us when they pick up their share, but they also have access to our private Facebook Group where they enjoy sharing their own weekly creations and recipes.

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