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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

You may be wondering by now just what in the world a CSA is all about. The acronym CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The CSA model is more than just the exchange of money for groceries. Buying into a CSA share is a relationship that fosters a community of members supporting a living, local food economy that shares the potential and inherent risks as well as the rewards. It’s a way for food consumers who are conscientious about eating local, healthy, environmentally friendly food to support a local farmer’s livelihood by subscribing to the seasonal offerings of the farm. 


Consumers buy in advance a share of the harvests of the farm. The farmer utilizes this advance payment over the course of the growing season to cover seeds, supplies, his/her salary, and those of the farm’s employees. In turn and in good-faith the farmer provides the consumer with weekly baskets filled with fresh, biologically grown produce. 

This system allows the farmer to sell his/her crops without an intermediary, so rather than concentrating on quantity, the farmer can concentrate on quality. In addition to providing the farmer with financial security, the CSA seeks to develop a cooperative relationship between the farmer and the consumer. It’s is the most direct way to reconnect with where your food comes from aside from growing it yourself. 

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