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About Us


Chris and Heather on a church hayride, fall 2018

We Love to Eat

 Allow me to introduce our family. We are the DiCicco’s (dee-cheek-oh). Yes, that’s Italian, and as you may know, Italians love to eat! I grew up eating my grandmother’s home cooked meals which came from the gardens she grew. Some of the best food memories of my life came from her  garden. The food was always home-grown, freshly picked and prepared with lots of love! These experiences developed a passion in me to grow food to share with others. 

Enter my burgeoning family, my wife Heather, sons Rylan, Asher and Hawke. For 11 years we lived on a small city lot in Benton Harbor, MI where we were able to employ a method of growing produce for our family. This method incorporated biological diversity, while maximizing production on an extremely small scale (micro-farming). Over the course of a growing season we were able to eat at least three things from our yard at nearly every meal. 


This is us mid-summer 2017 (on the left),  Chris, Rylan, Heather, Hawke and Asher, with Justin and Rebecca Rhodes, YouTubers on “The Great American Farm Tour,” and an adorable little photo-bomber (far right).


This represents the mid-summer garden in our former backyard at 537 Columbus Avenue, Benton Harbor, MI.

August 2011(Derek Richmond)

Desiring a career change from which I could make an honest living working the soil with my hands, and through a series of events which we recognize as Divine Providence, we landed on a 20-acre parcel in Bainbridge Township, MI opening the newest chapter of our family’s experience called Sower’s Purse Microfarm LLC. With thankfulness our goal is to practice wise stewardship of the resources provided to us, while growing high quality produce with the knowledge we have learned from our experience and research. 

First and foremost our farm is our home, where we work together to build relationships that work; not only with our immediate family members, but with you our patrons who recognize the value of healthy produce which comes from healthy soil!

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